DICE Energy & Water 2018


DICE Energy & Water 2018 event is a joint collaborative event of the DICE Foundation and NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi to foster innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship culture in the country on Energy, Water and its related themes. In this connection two days event called DICE Energy & Water will be arranged at NED University of Engineering & Technology premises on 10-11 October 2018. The event includes Students Innovation Exhibition, Industrial Exhibition, Symposium and DICE Shark (pitching of innovative projects in front of Industrialists, CEOs and Venture Capitalists). There is a total prize money of Rs.200,000/- for innovative student projects in the competition.




PropellAir’15 was an event that has never existed in NED University before on such a large scale , by a society named IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) that had been formed just about an year ago. In PropellAir’15, teams of at most five participants were asked to design and fabricate their RC planes. Teams were also asked to prepare the CAD model of their aircraft and a detailed report of their work. They were also required to have deep theoretical knowledge of the aerodynamics. In all, the competition offered both practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the participants.


Egg Drop 3.0


The event was held on the 10th of March 2014. The purpose was to allow students to use their technical knowledge in an interactive manner. By making a device responsible to carry an egg to be thrown out of the 2nd floor and save it from breaking. A team from the Mechanical secures 1st position.




ASME brought in an ultimate platform for the students of NED to showcase their creativity and talent in a 3 day event held on 13th 14th and 15th of October. Which included competitions, seminars and workshops. Some of the highlights were.

1. Technical Presentation competition
2. Project exhibition
3. Seminar on industrial health and safety
4. Motivational workshop by Umer Sultan