10th International Mechanical Engineering Conference 2020 (IMEC)

International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC) is the flagship conference of Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) and its Organizing partner NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. IMEC is being organized frequently for almost two decades. It has become a regular forum for researchers, students, and engineers to present and exchange ideas in latest technological advancements and innovations. [Read more]

8th International Mechanical Engineering Conference 2018 (IMEC)

World is defined by the advances and innovations in different fields of Engineering and Sciences. Discovery of wheel revolutionized the global scenario and it was the time when many advanced engineering machines and systems were established. But increase in demand and large energy requirements lead many health, safety and environmental issues. Hence, more emphasis is given now-a-days to Green systems to cultivate environmental friendly systems and designs. These systems include renewable and alternate energy sources, Building designs with optimized use of energy and resources, Recycling, Use of materials extracted from non-hazardous biological systems, Equipment designs using efficient mechanism to control toxic exhaust, Improved mechanical designs ensure less noise and vibrations, consume resources efficiently, use non-hazardous bio-materials etc. In order to provide a stimulus to research to overcome HSE problems in engineering, IEP and NED have decided to host IMEC-2018. It is anticipated that participation of experts from related fields in this conference will lead to an exchange of information on recent research and innovations that expected to establish and enhance linkages between industry and academia.

DICE Energy & Water 2018

DICE Energy & Water 2018 event is a joint collaborative event of the DICE Foundation and NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi to foster innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship culture in the country on Energy, Water and its related themes. In this connection two days event called DICE Energy & Water will be arranged at NED University of Engineering & Technology premises on 10-11 October 2018. The event includes Students Innovation Exhibition, Industrial Exhibition, Symposium and DICE Shark (pitching of innovative projects in front of Industrialists, CEOs and Venture Capitalists). There is a total prize money of Rs.200,000/- for innovative student projects in the competition.