Vibration & Acoustics Laboratory

The extensive range of equipment installed in Vibration & Acoustics laboratory provides students a detailed practical insight into the related subjects. The installed balancing machines also allow this facility to offer its services to the industry and over the years, it has created an impressive record of satisfied customers.
Installed equipment:
1. Sound and vibration set with sound power source
2. Rotating microphone boom
3. Outdoor microphone units (02 no.)
4. Several waveform generators, amplifiers and filters
5. Impulse precision sound level meter
6. Portable graphic sound level recorder
7. Standing wave apparatus
8. Exciter (shaker)
9. Photoelectric tachometer (probe)
10. Universal IC tester and programmer
11. Conditional module
12. Portable oscilloscope
13. Hot air soldering station
14. Hard bearing balancing machine
15. Soft bearing balancing machine
16. Universal test rig
17. Impact hammer
18. Whirling shaft apparatus
19. Torsional vibration apparatus
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