Steam Generation & Steam Turbines Lab

This lab offers the students a miniature outlook into the industry. A gas-fired water-tube boiler and superheater form the core of a model steam plant that includes a steam turbine, steam engine, condenser and associated equipment. A newly installed 36 kW electric boiler generates steam at 10.3 bar for several other educational steam benches.
Installed equipment:
1. Gas-fired water-tube boiler
2. Superheater
3. Experimental steam turbine
4. Steam engine
5. Condenser
6. Extraction pump
7. Steam turbine rotor
8. Ion exchanger
9. Gas turbine of a jet engine
10. Electric boiler
11. Water treatment bench
12. Condenser bench
13. Pressure and temperature measurement bench
14. Ejector rig
15. Nozzle rig
16. Double effect evaporator bench
17. Separating and throttling calorimeter units (02 no.)
18. Lagging efficiency units (02 no.)
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