The heat transfer lab is equipped with an array of equipment for students to study heat transfer mechanisms in a variety of heat exchange devices. In particular, the laboratory has models of a refrigerator, a dehumidifier, two cooling units (ice plants) and an absorption refrigerator that offer a detailed insight into refrigeration and air-conditioning. Recently installed equipment now also offers research opportunities to M.E. scholars into various aspects of conduction, convection and radiation.
Installed equipment:
1. Vapor compression cycle model
2. Ice plants (02 no.)
3. Refrigerator model
4. Dehumidifier model
5. Heat exchanger test unit
6. Combined convection and radiation unit
7. Linear heat conduction unit
8. Radial heat conduction unit
9. Heat transfer service unit
10. Radiant heat transfer and radiant heat exchanger unit
11. Extended surface heat transfer unit
12. Apparatus for demonstrating radiation errors in temperature measurement
13. Unsteady state heat transfer unit
14. Air compressor
15. Free and forced convection apparatus
16. Absorption refrigerator
17. Natural convection and radiation apparatus
18. Advanced conduction unit
19. Mass transfer and diffusion coefficient apparatus
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