Engineering Mechanics Laboratory has a varied range of apparatus and demonstration units to provide a comprehensive understanding of this branch of mechanical engineering. The students are able to observe and understand several basic principles such as gyroscopic motion, coriolis force and pulleys.
Installed equipment:
1. Centripetal force demonstrators (03 no.)
2. Cohesive force demonstrator
3. Coriolis force demonstrators (02 no.)
4. Trajectory apparatus
5. Motor driven variable speed pulley
6. Differential chain hoist pulley
7. Ball-bearing aluminum pulley
8. Gyroscope
9. Free fall apparatus
10. Multi-impact apparatus
11. Constant and variable speed motor drives
12. Simple harmonic demonstrator
13. Transverse and circular wave apparatuses
14. Cam follower apparatus
15. Static and dynamic balancing unit
16. Extension and compression of spring model
17. Inclined plane sliding friction model
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- Statics
- Dynamics
- Engineering Mechanics (other departments)