ME-426 Plant Maintenance



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Discuss applications of multiple plant maintenance strategies at various organizations PLO-1

Level 2*

2 Discuss condition monitoring techniques used worldwide PLO-5 Coginitive
Level 2*
3 Analzye root causes of failures in various plant equipment using failure analysis techniques PLO-4 Coginitive
Level 3*


  • Basic Principles of maintenance planning, Objectives and principles of planned maintenance activity, Importance and benefits of sound maintenance systems, Reliability and Machine availability, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), Factors of availability, Maintenance organization, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).
  • Maintenance categories (Breakdown, Preventive, Predictive), Merits and de-merits of Preventive maintenance and Predictive maintenance, maintenance schedules, RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance), analysis
  • Condition monitoring, Economics of condition monitoring, Design of a Predictive Maintenance Program, Total Plant predictive program, Methods and instruments for Predictive Maintenance (pertaining to Vibration analysis, thermography and relevant techniques).
  • Shaft alignment, Rotor balancing, Bearings, Couplings, Gears and gear boxes, Compressors, Control valves, Conveyors, Lubrication, Fans, Blowers and Fluidizers, Dust Collectors, Pumps, Steam Traps and related equipment.
  • Introduction to Root cause failure analysis, General Analysis Techniques, FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis), Fault-tree analysis, Cause and effect analysis, Sequence of events analysis, Root Cause Failure Analysis Methodology.
  • Overall equipment effectiveness, downtime cost, preventive maintenance, FMEA, run-out measurement and misalignment in shafts, vibration amplitude, gears, ultrasonic detection


(01) Maintenance Fundamentals by Keith Mobley

(02) Maintenance Engineering Handbook by R. K Mobley, L. R. Higgins, D. J. Wikoff, McGraw-Hill

(03) Maintenance Engineering & Management by R.C. Mishra, K. Pathak, Prentice Hall of India

(04) Engineering Maintenance A Modern Approach by B. S. Dhillon, CRC Press London

(05) Managing maintenance resources by Kelly, Anthony

(06) Mechanical fault diagnosis by Collacott, R.A.Chapman and Hall

(07) Handbook of maintenance management by Levitt Joel

(08) Asset maintenance management by Wilson Alan

(09) Developing performance indicators for maintenance by Tery Wireman

(10) Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering  by Mohamed Ben-Daya,Salih O. Duffuaa Abdul Raouf , Jezdimir Knezevic

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