ME-425 Finite Element Analysis



Theory = 2
Practical = 1


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Discuss the principles of finite element methods to solve the standard engineering problems. PLO-1

Level 2*

2 Develop the finite element formulations for engineering structures. PLO-3 Coginitive
Level 5*
3 Practice FEA techniques for various engineering application using software tool as per the provided guidelines PLO-5 Coginitive
Level 3*


  • Introduction to general Numerical Techniques; Basic concepts regarding finite element analysis; Matrix stiffness method; Minimum potential energy formulation; Recent developments.
  • Finite element modeling, element division and numbering scheme; Basic steps in FEA (Pre-processing, solution, post processing); Finite element Analysis of Bar element; Finite element Analysis of Truss; Finite element Analysis of Beam; Finite element Analysis of Frame.
  • Governing Differential Equations; Transformation of Differential equation into FE equations; Treatment of boundary conditions (Elimination approach, penalty approach); Variational Formulation of boundary value problem; Methods of weighted residuals (Galerkin, Collocation, least square, sub-domain); Rayleigh Ritz Method.
  • Interpolation techniques (Triangular, Rectangular); shape functions; Lagrange interpolation function; Analysis of one dimensional problems (Linear, Quadratic, Cubic elements); Analysis of two dimensional elements; Integration on master scale, modeling, mesh generation; Gaussian Quadrature formulae, One point form, two point form.
  • Convergence of solution; Various measures of errors; FEA application to Heat Transfer problems; FEA application to Fluid Mechanics problems; FEA application to Solid Mechanics problems.
  • Assumptions of plane elasticity; Basic equations; Formulation of Plane stress problems; Explicit expression for Constant strain triangular element stiffness matrix; Finite element solution of a Plane stress problem.


(01) Finite Element Analysis: Theory and Application with Ansys by Saeed Moaveni

(02) A First Course in finite element method by Daryl L.Logan

(03) Finite Element Modeling for Stress Analysis by Robert D. Cook

(04) Fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis by David V. Hutton

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