ME-419 Stress Analysis



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Discuss the concepts, fundamental theories and experimental approaches of stress analysis PLO-1

Level 2*

2 Solve plane stress and strain problems using analytical approach PLO-2 Coginitive
Level 3*
3 Analyze problems using Finite Element Analysis and relevant failure theories PLO-2 Coginitive
Level 4*


  • Introduction to Vector & Tensors, Stress at a point, 3D Mohr Circle, Stress equation of equilibrium, Laws of stress transformation, Principal Stresses & Max Shear Stress at a point, Displacement & deformation, Strain & displacement relationships, Strain equations of transformations, Principal strains, Generalized Hook’s Law & Elastic Constants, Compatibility, Displacement field, Stress & Strain relationships, stress and strain relationships; Airy’s stress function both in Cartesian and polar Coordinates.
  • Hyperelasticity; isotropic hyperelasticity; material and spatial description of hyperelastic deformation; compressible Neo-Hookean material.
  • Yielding of ductile isotopic materials; elastic-perfectly plastic (non-hardening) deformation behavior; classical theories of plasticity; strain hardening; plastic flow rule; elastic-plastic bending of beams; viscoelastic behavior of solids.
  • Analytical, Numerical and Experimental approaches of stress analysis, advantages & disadvantages, Methods/techniques of Experimental Stress Analysis, Introduction of Strain measurements, Construction and working of electrical resistance strain gauge, Strain sensitivity of Metallic alloy and strain gauge, Strain gauge circuits with applications, Rosettes and its different configurations.
  • Finite element method; direct stiffness method; elemental and global stiffness matrices; boundary conditions; element strain and stress function.
  • Note: Experimental determination of strain measurements, and analysis using FE package will be performed in the lab.


(01) Experimental Stress Analysis by James W. Dally & William F. Riley

(02) Advanced Mechanics of Materials by Arthur Boresi

(03) Continuum mechanics by G.Thomas Mase and George E. Mase

(04) Finite Element Analysis: Theory and Application with Ansys by Saeed Moaveni

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