ME-302 Solid Mechanics-II



Theory = 3
Practical = 1


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Apply the concepts of transformation of stresses and strains using analytical and graphical approaches PLO-2

Level 3*

2 Analyze bending and stress distribution in beams and thin walled open sections PLO-2 Coginitive
Level 4*
3 Design of structural components under various loading conditions using different methods PLO-3 Coginitive
Level 5*
4 Follow experimental procedure to study different modes of failure under axial, transverse and torsional loads PLO-4 Psychomotor
Level 3*
5 Perform experiments in individual capacity as well as in groups as per the provided guidelines PLO-9 Affective
Level 4*


  • Combined bending and direct stresses. Shear stresses in bending, bending and shear stresses in I-section beams. Asymmetrical bending, Shear stress in thin-walled open sections and shear center, General case of bending of a thin walled open section, Bending of initially curved bars, Beams with small radius of curvature.
  • Strain energy under direct stress and in pure shear, Strin energy in bending and torsion, Maximum stress due to a suddenly applied load and due to impact, Bending deflection of a beam from an impact, Shear deflection, Theorems of Castigliano and Maxwell’s Reciprocal Theorem.
  • Double integration method; Superposition method; Virtual work; Compatibility and equilibrium methods
  • Two-directional stress systems; Mohr’s stress circle, Principal stresses and planes, Combined bending and torsion, Two-directional strain analysis, Normal and shear strain in terms of coordinate and maximum shear strain, Relationship between elastic constants.
  • Thick-walled cylinders, Compound cylinders, Shrink fit, Rotating disk of uniform thickness
  • Maximum Principal Stress Theory, Maximum principal strain theory, Maximum shear stress theory, Total strain energy theory.
  • Deflection of thin Plates, bending of circular plates with symmetrical loading, Plates with uniform loading, solid plate with different loading conditions, Axi-symmetrical thin shells, bending stresses in thin shells.


(01) Mechanics of Materials by R.C. Hibbeler

(02) Mechanics of Engineering Materials by Warncok. F.V, P P Benham and R.J. Crawford

(03) Mechanics of Materials by Ferdinand P. Beer & E. Russell Johnston, Jr & John T. Dewolf & David F. Mazurek

(04) Strength of Materials and Structures by Case, J.,L. Chilver and C.T.F. Ross

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