ME-219 Mechanics of Machine



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Differentiate between different types of machine parts PLO-1

Level 4*

2 Solve engineering problems related to machine elements PLO-2 Coginitive
Level 3*
3 Design relevant engineering components for given application PLO-3 Coginitive
Level 5*


  • Machine Dynamics: Kinematics of Motion; kinetics of Motion; Simple Crank and Cam Mechanisms; Linkages; Types of Links; Structure; Kinematic Pair; Mechanism; Cams
  • Kutzbach and Grubler's criteria for planar mechanisms.
  • Types of Mechanisms: Slider Crank Mechanisms and its Inversions; Design and Kinematic Analysis of Cams. Single Slider Crank Mechanism and its Inversions; Double Slider Crank Mechanism and its Inversions; Four Bar Mechanisms and its Inversions, Design and Kinematic Analysis of Cams.
  • Principles of Design: Hardness; Creep; Fatigue failure; Soderberg and Goodman Diagrams;; Safety and Reliability in Design
    Design of Simple Machine Elements:
  • Joints: Knuckle, Cotter and Universal joints; Threaded and Riveted Fasteners
  • Couplings: Flanged and Muff Coupling, Flexible Coupling, Universal Coupling, Oldham Coupling, Chain Coupling, Gear Coupling, Design of Key and Pins; Fluid Couplings.
  • Clutches: Friction Clutches; Types of Friction Clutches; Design of Single Disc or Plate Clutch, Multiple Disc Clutch, Cone Clutch, Centrifugal Clutch.
  • Springs: Types of Springs, Helical Spring, Terms used in Helical Spring, Stresses in Helical Spring of Circular wire, The Curvature Effect; Deflection in Helical Spring of Circular wore Eccentric loading; Buckling of compression Springs, Energy stored in springs, Springs in Series and Parallel, Concentric spring, Leaf Springs
  • Flexible Mechanical Elements: Belts, Flat and Round Belt drives, V Belts, Timing Belts, Design of a Belt Conveyor; Chain Drives, Roller Chains; Design of Chains including Drag Chain Conveyor; Apron Feeder
  • Brakes and Dynamometers: Types of Brakes; Materials of brake lining; Block or Shoe Brake; Simple Band Brake; Differential Band Brake; Band and Block Brake; Internal Expanding Brake; Dynamometer; Type of Dynamometer; Prony Brake Dynamometer
  • Turning-Moment Diagrams and Flywheel: Turning Moment of Steam Engine; Turning Moment of Internal Combustion Engine; Turning Moment of Multi-cylinder Engine; Coefficient of Fluctuation of Energy; Coefficient of Fluctuation of Speed. Flywheel; Energy Stored in a Flywheel; Dimensions of the Flywheel Rim.


(01) Mechanical Engineering Design by Shigley

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