ME-224 Internal Combustion Engines



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Explain terminologies, construction and working of various types of IC engines PLO-1

Level 2*

2 Solve numerical problems related to the design and operation of IC engines PLO-2 Coginitive
Level 3*
3 Analyze the effect of engine operating parameters on engine performance and environmental effects of emissions PLO-7 Coginitive
Level 4*
4 Prepare a report and presentation on performance of internal combustion engine available in any pertinent facility while incorporating project management techniques PLO-11 Coginitive
Level 3*


  • Basic Engine Types and their Operation: Four-stroke spark ignition engine, Speed and load control in S.I engine, The Four-stroke compression Ignition Engine, Speed and Load Control in C.I engine, The two-stroke cycle, Supercharging, Wankel rotary engine.
  • Testing: Measurement of engine torque and power, Dynamometer principle, Different types of dynamometers: Measurement of brake and indicated horse power, Mechanical pressure indicators, Use of indicator diagram, Use of On-board Diagnostics.
  • Combustion: Combustion Equations, Heat of Combustion, Higher and lower heating values, Adiabatic flame temperature.
  • Equilibrium Charts: Idealized cycles and processes, The diesel cycle, The dual cycle, Regenerative cycles, Brayton cycle.
  • Fuels: The natural fuels, Non-petroleum fuels, Characteristics of S.I and C.I engine fuels, LPG as I.C. engine fuel, Octane and Cetane number, Knock and engine Variable: Autoignition in S.I and C.I engines, Knock and S.I engine, Knock and the C.I engine.
  • Exhaust Gas Analysis and Air Pollution: Air Pollution and the engine, Air pollution and the fuel, Control of exhaust-Gas constituents.
  • Fuel Metering of SI Engine: The Engine requirements, The Elementary carburetor, Elements of complete carburetor, Calculation of Air: Fuel ratio, Gasoline injection system, Stratified charging.
  • Fuel Metering of CI Engine: C.I injection systems, C.I engine nozzles, Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)
  • Engine Characteristics: Heat transfer and the engine valve, Timing diagram.
  • Lubrication: Engine-Lubrication systems: Engine performance and lubrication, Lubricants of different kinds.


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