ES-105 Pakistan Studies



Theory = 2
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs PLO Taxonomy
1 Understand the historical and ideological perspectives of Pakistan and their implications for individuals and professionals in societal contexts PLO-6

Level 2*

2 Explain the strategic implications of international conventions and treaties applicable to Pakistan at the national and international level PLO-12 Coginitive
Level 2*


  • Historical and Ideological perspective of Pakistan Movement: Two Nation Theory, Definition; Claim of Muslims of being a separate nation from Hindus, based upon cultural diversity, Significance: Cultural diversity and interests led to the demand of Pakistan – Lahore resolution, Creation of Pakistan, Factors leading to the creation of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam and the demand of Pakistan.
  • Land of Pakistan: Geo-physical condition, Geo-political and strategic importance of Pakistan, Natural resource, viz: mineral, water and power.
  • Constitutional Process: Early efforts to make a constitution (1947 – 1956) problems and issues, Salient features of the constitution of 1956 and its abrogation., Salient features of the constitution of 1962 and its abrogation. Constitutional and political crisis of 1971, Salient features of the constitution of 1973, Constitutional developments since 1973 to date with special reference to the amendments to the constitutions.
  • Contemporary issues in Pakistan: A brief survey of Pakistan Economy. An overview of current economic situation in Pakistan: problems, issues and future prospects, Social Issues, Pakistani Society and Culture-Broad features. Citizenship: national and international, Literacy and education in Pakistan: problems and issues, State of Science and Technology in Pakistan: A comparison with other countries with special reference to the Muslim world, Environmental Issues, Environmental pollution and its hazard: causes, and solutions, Environmental issues in Pakistan: government policies and measures and suggestions for improvement. Pakistan’s role in the preservation of nature through international conventions / treaties.
  • Pakistan’s Foreign Policies: Evolution of Pakistan foreign policy-1947 to date, A brief survey of Relation with Neighbors, Super Power & the Muslim World.
  • Human Rights: Conceptual foundations of Human Rights, What are Human Rights? Definition, origins & significance, Comparative analysis of Islamic and Western Perspectives of Human rights, UN System for protection Human Rights, UN Charter, International Bill of Human Rights – an overview, Implementation mechanism, other important international treaties and conventions. The convention on the rights of child (CRC), Convention against torture (CAT), Other treaties and Convention. Pakistan’s response to Human Rights at national and international levels, Constitutional Provision


(01) Pakistan Studies by M. R. Kazmi

(02) Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan

(03) Pakistan's Foreign Policy by Abdul Sattar

(04) Issues in Pakistan's Economy by Akbar Zaidi

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