ME-621 Desalination System Design


Credit Hours = 3


  • Source water quality characteristics, ground and surface water, water quality and health issues, desalination technologies, distillation and membrane processes.
  • Water intake facilities, intake type and location, wet-well and dry well pump stations, corrosion protection, chemical feed systems, Source water pretreatment processes, water screening, types and configurations of screens, types of coagulation chemicals, scale inhibitors, biocides and dechlorination.
  • Sand removal system, sedimentation tanks, physical factors affecting sedimentation process, strainers and separators, dissolved air floatation clarifiers, granular media filtration, filter media, activated carbon, backwashing, Cartridge filter types and configuration, filter performance, head losses in various filters.
  • Wastewater pretreatment, primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, Membrane filtration: reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration, membrane fouling, distillation techniques: single stage and multi-effect evaporation and flash systems Adsorption and ion exchange, adsorption / ion exchange equilibrium and kinetics.
  • Post-Treatment, stabilization by addition of carbonate alkalinity, corrosion indexes, corrosion control methods, product water disinfection, chemical disinfection and oxidative processes, remineralization, blending source water with desalinated water, Desalination plant discharge management, discharge to sanitary sewer, deep well injection, evaporation ponds.


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