CE-603 Statistics and Probability


Credit Hours = 3


  • Statistics. Introduction. Type of data and variable. Presentation to data. Densification tabulation. Frequency distribution. Graphical representation. Simple and multiple bar diagram pie diagram. Histogram. Frequency polygon. Frequency curve and their types. Probability distribution & Transformation of variables: Uniform Binomial. Hyper geometric, Poison, Normal, Exponential, Chi-square, F, & T distributions; Random sampling; Sampling distribution of mean; Central limit theorem, Statistical inference & Hypothesis testing: confidence & significance level; Sample size determination; Point & interval estimates; Interval estimates for population mean, population standard deviation, & population proportion. Type I, & type II errors; one tail & two tail tests; tests concerning means & variances, Linear & Multiple linear regression & correlation: Simple linear regression; properties of least square estimates; confidence limits & tests of significance; choice of a regression model; correlation. Estimation the coefficients; adequacy of the model, Analyses of variance: one way classification; tests for the equality of several variances; Single degree of freedom comparisons; Multiple range test; Comparing treatment with a control; Comparing a set of treatments in block; Randomized complete block design; Random effects model, Factorial experiments: two-factor experiments; Interaction in two- factor experiments; Two-factor analysis of variance; Three-factor analysis; Choice of sample size. 2k factorial experiments: yate's technique for computing contrasts; factorial experiments in incomplete blocks; fractional factorial experiments; analysis of fractional factorial experiments.


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