ME-619 Compressible Fluid Dynamics


Credit Hours = 3


  • Governing equations of compressible flow, Hugoniot Equations, Nearly incompressible, transonic and hypersonic flow, Oblique shocks, oblique shock equations, shock geometry, shock polars, supersonic flow over wedges and cones, interaction of shocks of different families, Optical methods of investigation, 3D Shock waves, Prandtl-Meyer expansion waves, shock expansion theory, Irrotational, hometropic and isentropic flows, circulation. Crocoo’s theorem, 3D flow and its examples such as cones at angle of attack, blunt-nosed bodies at angle of attack, Linearized velocity potential equation, pressure field of a point disturbance and signalling, pressure coefficient and subsonic flow, Improved compressibility corrections, Linearized supersonic flow, critical Mach number, Unsteady wave motion, moving normal shock wave, reflected shock waves, incident and reflected expansion waves, shock tube relations, finite compression waves. Numerical techniques for compressible flow, MacCormack’s Technique, Properties of high temperature flows, Boltzmann distribution, Compressible flow in IC Engines, Turbulent flow field, Macroscales and microscales, Modeling of turbulent flow during intake and exhaust processes, Effect of turbulence on flame behaviour, flow measurement methods.


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