ME-618 Applied Combustion Engineering


Credit Hours = 3


  • Thermodynamics of combustions: Chemical equilibrium criterion, Properties of combustion products, Chemical kinetics, Laminar and turbulent premixed flames, Eddy break-up model of combustion, Effect of stoichiometry, pressure and temperature on flame speed, Flame Differential equations, Diffusion flames, Gas fired furnaces and boilers, Industrial and low-swirl gas burners, Premixed charge engine combustion, One and Two zone models of combustion, In-cylinder flame structure, Stages of combustion in Engines, Homogenous and Heterogeneous mixture, Period of rapid and controlled combustion, Steady and transient detonation of gaseous mixture, Model for propagation velocity, pressure and temperature rise due to detonation, Maintained and pulse detonations, Spray formation and droplet behavior, Steady flow and intermittent injectors, Plug flow model of a uniform field of droplets, Combustion chamber geometry and flow patterns.
  • Environmental Issues: Flue emissions, CO, CO2, NOx, particulates and unburned fuel, Modelling of thermal NO formation in combustion, Flamelet-based NO modelling.


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