ME-616 Maintenance Management


Credit Hours = 3


  • Maintenance Strategies: Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, predictive maintenance etc.
  • Total Productive Maintenance: Pillars of total productive maintenance, measurement of overall equipment effectiveness (O.E.E.), Analyzing and categorizing the failure data in TPM.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance: RCM components, RCM decision diagram, risk assessment, failure finding and calculating acceptable risk, FMEA.
  • Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Execution: Principles of maintenance planning, determination of crew size, queuing theory application in maintenance, maintenance work order.
  • Mathematical Modelling: Mathematical modeling for corrective and preventive maintenance etc. Simulation : Monte Carlo Simulation, Machine reliability :Concept of reliability in machine maintenance , MTBF, MTTR , Failure rate , Hazard rate ,bath tub curve , Application of Weibull distribution ,Poisson distribution , Normal distribution, Lognormal distribution for calculating machine reliability Establishing the cost and controls of maintenance: Estimating the repair cost estimating the maintenance cost, cost control for effective operation , maintenance budgeting Measuring maintenance performance key indicators Current trends in maintenance management.


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