ME-427 Health, Safety & Environment



Theory = 2
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Understand that safety standards must be maintained in compliance with regulatory requirements and within engineering limits Coginitive
Level 2*
2 Demonstrate an understanding of workplace injury prevention, risk management and incident investigations  Coginitive
Level 3*
3 Understand the acute and chronic health effects of exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents in the workplace Coginitive
Level 2*
4 Understand the policies, procedures and equipment needed to deal with hazardous materials  Coginitive
Level 2*


  • Safety Management & Hazard Communication: Understanding safety, hazards and accidents, company policy and management responsibilities, professional certification and societies (NIOSH, NEBOSH, IOSH,OSHA), MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).
  • Accident Prevention & Control: Accident causes & their control, recordkeeping and forms, accident cause analysis, safety & health economics, trainings, concept of hazard avoidance (FMEA, Fault Tree Analysis).
  • Building & Facilities: Walking & working surfaces, exits, illumination, sanitation, miscellaneous facilities (scaffolding, elevators, boilers etc.), fire protection
  • Ergonomics & Safety: Facets of Ergonomics, workplace musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomics standards and risk analysis, NIOSH lifting equation.
  • Health, Toxic & Environment: Toxic substances, measures of exposure, detecting contaminants, ventilation, noise and radiation, flammable and explosive materials.
  • Personal Protective Equipment & First Aid: Protection need assessment, PPE Training; hearing, eye and face respiratory protection, confined spaces, first aid. Material handling and storage, machine guarding, welding, electrical hazards, construction hazards.
  • Operations Occupational Safety: Power plant operations (preventing steam/condensate system accidents), safe operations at chemical plants, offshore drilling hazards. Boiler safety & accidents control.


(01) Industrial Safety and Health Management by C Ray Asfahl, David W. Rieske

(02) Safety at Works by J. Ridley and J. Channing

(03) Introduction to Health and Safety at Work by E. Ferrett and P. Hughes

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