MG-481 Entrepreneurship



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Identify the ethical and legal practices in entrepreneurship applied in business world Coginitive
Level 1*
2 Know the actual cases of successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurial initiatives and are able to analyses different cases both actual and imaginary by applying the theoretical concepts   Affective
Level 1*
3 Demonstrate an understanding of taught concepts through a business plan development that integrates all technical dimensions of a successful business start up Coginitive
Level 3*
4 Develop an understanding of marketing concepts as a tool of communicating your brand’s message Coginitive
Level 3*


  • Understanding the Entrepreneurship Mind-Set: The revolution impact of Entrepreneurship; The individual Entrepreneurship Mind-set; Corporate Entrepreneurship Mind-set; The Social and Ethical perspective of Entrepreneurship.
  • Conceptualizing Entrepreneurship: Definitions and perspective; Four dimensions of an entrepreneurship venture-individuals, organization, environmental and process.
  • Formulation of Entrepreneurship: The assessment of function with opportunities; The marketing aspects of new ventures; Financial statements in new ventures; Business plan preparation for new ventures.
  • Launching Entrepreneurship Ventures: Creativity and innovations; Methods to initiate ventures; Legal challenges in Entrepreneurship; The search for Entrepreneurship.
  • Strategies perspectives in Entrepreneurship: Strategies growth in Entrepreneurship; Valuation challenges in Entrepreneurship; Final harvest of a new venture.   


(01) Introduction to Entrepreneurship by Donald F. Kuratko

(02) The Entrepreneurial Mindset by McGrath R. G. & McMillan I.

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