ME-313 Solid Mechanics-II



Theory = 3
Practical = 0


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Understand the fundamental concepts of stress and strain transformation, principle planes, stresses and strains; maximum and minimum shear stresses and strains using analytical and graphical approaches (Mohr’s Circle) of solution. Coginitive
Level 3*
2 Able to analyze Statically indeterminate, symmetrical and unsymmetrical bending behavior of beams, shear stress distribution, shear flow and shear centre of thin walled open sections. Coginitive
Level 4*
3 Able to analyze beams, shell, plates, thick and thin walled type structures for safety in terms of both strength and deflection limits. Also develop an understanding to apply energy methods to solve problems involving deflection and understand different failure criteria/theories for designing of safe structural members. Coginitive
Level 4*


  • Combined bending and direct stresses. Shear stresses in bending, bending and shear stresses in I-section beams. Asymmetrical bending, Shear stress in thin-walled open sections and shear center, General case of bending of a thin walled open section, Bending of initially curved bars, Beams with small radius of curvature.
  • Strain energy under direct stress and in pure shear, Strin energy in bending and torsion, Maximum stress due to a suddenly applied load and due to impact, Bending deflection of a beam from an impact, Shear deflection, Theorems of Castigliano and Maxwell’s Reciprocal Theorem.
  • Double integration method; Superposition method; Virtual work; Compatibility and equilibrium methods
  • Two-directional stress systems; Mohr’s stress circle, Principal stresses and planes, Combined bending and torsion, Two-directional strain analysis, Normal and shear strain in terms of coordinate and maximum shear strain, Relationship between elastic constants.
  • Thick-walled cylinders, Compound cylinders, Shrink fit, Rotating disk of uniform thickness
  • Maximum Principal Stress Theory, Maximum principal strain theory, Maximum shear stress theory, Total strain energy theory.
  • Deflection of thin Plates, bending of circular plates with symmetrical loading, Plates with uniform loading, solid plate with different loading conditions, Axi-symmetrical thin shells, bending stresses in thin shells.


(01) Mechanics of Materials by R.C. Hibbeler

(02) Mechanics of Engineering Materials by Warncok. F.V, P P Benham and R.J. Crawford

(03) Mechanics of Materials by Ferdinand P. Beer & E. Russell Johnston, Jr & John T. Dewolf & David F. Mazurek

(04) Strength of Materials and Structures by Case, J.,L. Chilver and C.T.F. Ross

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