ME-312 Power Plant Engineering



Theory = 3
Practical = 1


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Analysis of thermodynamics cycles related to steam power plant Coginitive
Level 4*
2 Design of steam Nozzle and Steam Turbine based on thermodynamics and fluid flow considerations Coginitive
Level 5*
3 Discuss the components of steam generator considering their environmental performance Coginitive
Level 2*
4 Observe the working of steam plant model and use modern data acquisition system to analyze the functioning of plant and its component Psychomotor
Level 2*


  • Cycles: Review of mass and energy balances for steady flow devices, Related properties with Mollier Chart and steam tables; Steam turbine cycles including Rankine, Superheat, Reheat; Regenerative Cycle, Open Type Feed Water Heaters (FWH) , Closed Type FWHs with Drains Cascaded Backwards and Pumped Forward; Gas turbine (Brayton) Cycle Power Plants, Compressors, Combustors, Low NOx combustors, Turbines, Efficiency, Intercooling; Combined Cycle Power Plants, Gas engines, diesel power plants
  • Combined Heat and Power Systems: Cogeneration of power and process heat, Back Pressure and Extraction Turbines
  • Fluid Flow through Nozzles: Stagnation properties, critical pressure ratio; convergent and convergent-divergent nozzles (subsonic and supersonic nozzles), Variation of velocity and pressure with area, shock wave
  • Steam Turbines: Impulse and reaction turbines; Pressure Compounding (Rateau Staging), Velocity Compounding (Curtis Staging), Reheat Factor and Condition Line. Turbine governing and controls
  • Steam Generators and Fuels: Types of boilers and their applications; fire tube boilers; water tube boilers; boiler components including feedwater heater, air preheater, economizer and superheater; boiler operation and safety. Internal and external water treatment methods
  • Fossil fuels: including coal, oil and gas; combustion calculations; environmental pollution.


(01) Powerplant Engineering by M. M. El-wakil

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