CY-109 Applied Chemistry



Theory = 3
Practical = 1


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Describe the concept of physical and analytical chemistry for engineering applications Coginitive
Level 2*
2 Explain water treatment methods, extraction of metals and its purification and different concepts of physical chemistry Coginitive
Level 2*
3 Solve the problems of thermochemistry, electrochemistry, gases, liquids and fuels Coginitive
Level 3*
4 Operate & manipulate with guidance the measurements of physical and chemical parameters Psychomotor
Level 3*


  • Gases: Gas Laws.Kinetic gas equation. Vandar Waal's Equation, Critical phenomenon. Liquidification of gases, specified heat (molar heat capacity), properties of Solution Surface Tension, Viscosity, Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure.
  • PH-Buffer Solution & Liquids: Spectrophotometer, Basic concepts of Colloidal Chemistry. Classification purification (dialysis).
  • Thermo-chemistry: Chemical thermodynamics, Hess's Law. Heat of reaction, Bomb Calorimeter, Relation between H and U measurement of heat reaction.
  • Electrochemistry: Laws of Electrolysis. E.M.F. series. Corrosion (Theories, inhibition & protection)
  • Water & Sewage:  Sources of water, impurities, hardness, water softening, purification of water for potable and industrial purposes, electro-dialysis and introduction to environmental pollution. Main sources and effects. Sewage treatment.
  • Fuels: Types of fuels. classification of fossil fuels.
  • Metals & Alloys: Properties and general composition of metals and alloys such as Iron. Copper. Aluminum. Chromium. Zinc used in engineering field Engineering Materials.
  • Inorganic Engineering Materials: Cement. Class Organic engineering materials: Polymers. Rubbers. Plastics and Paints, Semiconductors and Dielectric.


(01) Chemistry (The molecular nature of matter and change) by Martin Selberberg

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