ME-573 Energy & Environment


Credit Hours = 3


  • Introduction: Environmental threats, Ambient air pollution, Greenhouse effect, Attribution of environmental damage to energy utilization, Environmental benefits of energy, Sustainability metrics, Systems analysis approaches, international environmental agreements and conventions.
  • Fossil fuels - Environmental issues: Refining of fossil fuels, Coal resources and consumption, Thermal pollution and its ecological effects, Properties of the atmosphere, Air quality standards, Air pollutants and their sources: carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, particulates, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxides, Acid rain, Automobile emission-control devices, Global warming, Ozone depletion.
  • Renewable energy sources: Biomass conversion, municipal solid waste due to biomass energy, Geothermal exploration and resources, Emissions: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, Seismic activity related to geothermal systems, Impact of drilling for ground source, Wind turbine siting, wind characteristics, Ocean winds, Geographical information system, Wind speed distributions, Environmental impacts associated with wind power generation, Manufacturing of PV cells, Handling hazardous materials for solar cells, Life cycle emission rates


(01) Energy and the Environment by Robert A. Ristinen & Jack. P. Kraushaar

(02) Energy: Its Use and the Environment by Robert. A. Hinrichs & Merlin H. Kleinbach