ME-567 Bio Fuels


Credit Hours = 3


  • Introduction: Overview of Bio-derived Fuels in Transport, costs and availability of conventional fuels.Incentives for biofuel deployment in transport and its potential in the near future.Emission control.
  • Biofuel production: Production, usage and combustion of biofuels; related environmental aspects. Pyrolysis, gasification, fermentation and distillation processes. Conventional and advanced biofuel conversion technologies.Algae as biofuel feedstock. Biorefineries. Biofuel production costs. Total costs for biofuel deployment.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability aspects of biofuel production, greenhouse gas emissions. Criteria and standards. Sustainable feed-stock production and use. Improving greenhouse-gas emissions performance.
  • Applications in Marine and Aviation and land transport.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Technology, analysis of conventional internal combustion engines, processes and operations.Modifications required for operation with biofuels. Comparison of biofuel performance with conventional fuels.


(01) Biofuels by Wim Soetaert and Erick J. Vandamme

(02) Biofuels Engineering Process Technology by C. M. Drapcho, Nghiem PhuNhuan and Terry Walker

(03) Biofuels Refining and Performance by Ahindra Nag

(04) Bioenergy and Biofuel from Biowastes and Biomass by Samir Kumar Khanal, Rao Y. Surampalli and Tian C. Zhang