ME-566 Biomass Power Generation


Credit Hours = 3


  • Introduction: Overview of the different types of potential biomass fuels for power generation. Comparison and suitability for power generation.Biomass for waste to energy conversion; Biorefineries and Biofuels.
  • Boiler Design: Principles of thermodynamics in steam generation.Design, construction and operating principles of boiler systems fired by biomass fuels..
  • Combustion: Combustion chemical reactions.Combustion and gasification techniques for different types of boilers. Combustion, gasification, pyrolysis and combined processes. Combustion process and its optimization in biomass-fired boilers.
  • Steam Turbines: Overview of steam turbines; their design and usage for power generation. Modern construction techniques and auxiliary systems.
  • Boiler Water Management: Impurities and their treatment. Chemical reactions used for water treatment, water treatment plant.
  • Boiler Feed Water Heating Systems: Improvement in plant operation due to boiler feed water heating systems; thermodynamic principles. Function, operation and construction of modern small scale boiler feed water heating system.
  • Cooling and Auxiliary Systems: Function, construction and operation of auxiliary support systems used in small scale biomass fired plant. Cooling water systems. Air cooled condenser systems. Firefighting systems. Compressed air systems and auxiliary steam ranges.
  • Electricity and Generation: Basics of electrical theory and three phase AC generation, as applicable to small scale biomass fired power plant, including generators, transformers, and switchgear and power line distribution systems. Control and instrumentation.
  • Plant Operation: Requirements and processes for start-up of the plant from cold.Techniques for warm and hot start-ups of the plant, and for shutting down for short and extended periods.
  • Legal, Safety and Environmental Issues.


(01) The Handbook of Biomass Combustion and Cofiring by Sjaak Van Loo & Jaap Koppejan

(02) Fundamentals of Thermochemical Biomass Conversion by R. P. Overend, T. A. Milne & L. K. Mudge

(03) Introduction to Chemicals from Biomass by James H. Clark & Fabien, E. I. Deswarte

(04) Biomass for Renewable Energy Fuels and Chemicals by Donald L. Klass