ME-559 Process & Energy Integration


Credit Hours = 3


  • Review of fossil fuel based power plants and renewable energy sources.
  • Global trends in the utilization of renewable energy technologies.
  • Fundamental equations and thermodynamic potentials.
  • Forecasting for renewable energy based power generation systems, optimal placement and sizing of renewable energy plants.
  • Challenges and solutions for renewable energy system integration at the building, substation, and grid levels.
  • Grid codes and regulations for renewable energy sources integration.
  • Network support technologies (energy storage, demand side management, metering issues, smart/micro grid).
  • Challenges of renewable energy integration into distribution and transmission systems (Frequency Control, Voltage Regulation, Power Quality, Harmonics).
  • Economic aspects of renewable energy integration in Electricity Market – income from electricity sales and Feed-in Tariffs.
  • Planning procedures and safety issues for renewable energy projects.


(01) Integration of Alternative Sources of Energy by Felix Farret & Marcelo Simaues

(02) Renewable Energy in Power Systems by Leon Freris & David Infield

(03) Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems by Ali Keyhani, M. Marwali & Min Dai