SK-402 Resume Writing & Appearing in Interview


Credit Hours = 0
Contact Hours = 3


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Notice different styles of resume and cover letters and learn their importance Affective
Level 1*
2 Behave according to proven techniques and utilize them for one’s own advantage Affective
Level 3*


  • Basics of Resume writing: Students will learn about various style of resume writing and which designs are suitable for engineers to follow.
  • Appearance of Resume: Appearance of resume plays an effective role in getting short listed. Students will learn the basics of appearance of resume which templates are better suited for which types of organization.
  • Cover-letter Writing Basics: Solicited and Unsolicited over letter speaks about candidates performance and professional qualities. Students will learn about persuasion techniques in these cover letters. Use of
  • Persuasive Language: It is necessary to convince the reader of the cover letter that a candidate is worthy of being short listed. Students will learn what to include and what to exclude in cover letters in order to present their case in an efficient way.
  • Basics of Confident Body Language: Body language plays an effective role in conveying about candidates confidence, self-esteem and manners. Students will learn how to groom themselves and also how to appear confident.
  • Dressing for Interview: Dressing is an essential part of appearing in an interview. Students will learn about the importance of dressing up for interviews.
  • Tackling the commonly asked questions: It is important to students do not professional interviews as therapy session. They should know what information should one convey and what type of information one should hide. Tackling tough questions is an art which students will learn this workshop.
  • Managing Anxiety: It is often seen that students get anxious about interview and destroy their chances simply because they were afraid to face the CEOs or GMs. Students will learn to mitigate these fears and will learn to keep themselves calm in such a situation.

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