SK-301 Negotiation Skills


Credit Hours = 0
Contact Hours = 3


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Participate in all negotiation activities to become effective negotiators Affective
Level 2*
2 Exhibit loyalty towards organization one belong to and wining their interest Affective
Level 3*


  • Decide whether to negotiate: One should not treat every situation as the same and weight the pros and cons of negotiation. Students will learn when it becomes necessary to negotiate with the other party for their own benefit.
  • Determine the type of negotiation: Negotiations are different in different scenarios. These scenarios determine conditions of negotiations between two parties. Students will learn about these scenarios and how to utilize them for their advantage.
  • Conduct a negotiation Analysis: Analysis are important part of negotiations. A tiny detail can impact the whole of negotiation which makes it very crucial that tiniest details are analyzed so that there are no ‘open-ended’ clauses which makes room for loss of cause.
  • Decide how to answer ethical questions: Often times, during negotiation, the fine line between right and wrong is blurred and a negotiators have to respond ethical questions regarding their stance.
  • Developing relationship with power: Negotiations is not just about providing advantage to oneself but it also means building long-lasting relationships.
  • Psychological Tools and Traps: Students will learn mental techniques which help them become better negotiations. This including taking advantages inherent biases of human mind.
  • Using Contract law: Students will be acquire knowledge about contract law and they may use it as an effective arsenal in their negotiation battles.

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