SK-202 Team Building & Leadership Skills


Credit Hours = 0
Contact Hours = 3


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Listen to the hidden voices of team members and make effective plan towards goal attainment Affective
Level 1*
2 Behaving according to proven techniques for becoming effective leaders in managerial roles Affective
Level 3*


  • Understanding Leadership: It is important to know the importance of leadership without which any team would lose their goal and it will bring chaos to the entire initiative.
  • Required skills for a leader: Once the importance of a leader is established, it is important skills are cultivated that will make someone an effective leader. Students will learn the art of cultivating leadership qualities in them. Functions of leadership: It is important for students to know about people expect leaders to achieve and how leaders should perform their daily functions and how to guide team members towards a common goal.
  • How a manager can become a leader as well: It is often said that there is a difference between a boss and leader and often managers becomes boss than leaders. Since engineers are future managers of industry it is important to make them learn the art of becoming a leader and not a boss.
  • Behavior of leadership with efficiency and effectiveness: It is important that leaders should learn how to work smart instead of working hard. An effective leadership derives out best results in the shortest possible time.
  • Building team-making people work together: There are many people working in a team and sometimes their agendas do not meet. It is incumbent on the leader to ensure peace between team members so that it does not disturb the progress towards team’s objectives.
  • Difference between groups and team: Students should know what differentiates a group and a team. How one manages to achieve goals while the other spend their time complaining and fighting with each other.
  • How a group can become a team: Although teams are groups too but they adopt to certain principles which makes them different from ‘groups’. Student will learn how they shall enforce these rules so that their teams may not turn into groups.

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