SK-201 Confidence Building & Self Motivation


Credit Hours = 0
Contact Hours = 3


S. No. CLOs Taxonomy
1 Be aware of one’s true potential and develop enough confidence to handle numerous challenges in professional environment Affective
Level 1*
2 Show continual improvements in personal branding and self-motivation strategies Affective
Level 3*


  • Learning to express yourself: It is important for a confident person to effectively convey his message and point across another individual(s). Students will learn the art of expressing themselves in front of others.
  • Keeping yourself accountable: Accountability is necessary for self-motivation, it helps an individual keep track on their failures and successes. It is necessary for students to learn this skill for a bright future.
  • Be humble and learn from anywhere: It is important for a confident individual that they may utilize whatever means in their disposal to bring out the desired results.
  • How not to compare yourself to others: Comparing yourself to others ruins self-image and self-confidence. Students will learn the art of contentment and how enjoying the smaller things in life induce positive results.
  • Family bonds and its impact on personality: Family bonds are important to keep as they uplift one’s confidence and the individuals becomes highly motivated to achieve their goals. Students will learn how close bonds impact achievement of goals.
  • Eye Contact: Eye contact conveys confidence but too much of it is intimidating. Students will learn this subtle skill of eye contact.
  • Body Language: A confident body language make a lasting impact. Students will learn the basics of body language and how to best use it to their advantage.
  • Managing Negative thoughts: Negative thoughts destroy a person confidence. It is important that one is at peace with one self. Students will learn to how to avoid self-damaging thoughts and make peace with their past and mistakes.

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