MC-545 Advanced Robotics


Credit Hours = 3


  • Introduction: Robot anatomy, Classification of robots, Economic considerations, Robotic applications; Welding, Spray painting, Grinding, Parts handling/transfer, Assembly operations, Parts inspection, Medical, Hazardous working environment. Basic components of a robot; The manipulator, Sensory devices, Controller, Power conversion unit.
  • Mechanical Systems: Translation or Linear motion, Rotational motion, Mechanical work and power. Motion conversion, Rotary-to-rotary, Rotary-to-linear, linkages, couplers, and power transfer.
  • Control of Actuators in Robotic Mechanism: Closed-loop control in a position servo, Control of a robotic joint, Stepper Motors, Brushless DC motors, Direct-drive actuators, Hydraulic actuators, and Pneumatic systems. Robotic Sensory Devices: Non-optical position, Optical position, Velocity, Accelerometer, and Proximity sensors, Touch and slip sensors. Robot programming and Path planning.
  • Transformation and Kinematics: Homogeneous coordinates, Homogeneous transformation and the manipulator, the forward and backward solution, Motion generation, The Jacobian, Motor selection for the robotic joint.
  • Advance application of Robots: Snake-like Robots, Biomechanical study of snakes, Mobile Robots, Walking robots, and Medical Robots.


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