MC-513 Control Theory & Systems


Credit Hours = 3


  • Total Design: Design process, creativity in design process analysis of interconnected design areas, decision theory and theory of game, information in design, design analysis.
  • Product Design: Industrial design perception form, clarity and balance lettering colouring, controls and panels form design industrial plants piping, effect of design on cost, Factors affecting product design, Requirements of a good product design, Design specifications and drawings, Product planning, Feasibility studies.
  • Value Analysis: Concept of value analysis meaning and analysis of functions. Patents standard and codes, contract negotiation.
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances: Geometric Dimensioning. Form Controls: flatness, straightness, circularity and cylindricity. Orientation Controls: perpendicularly, angularity and parallelism. Location Controls: position and concentricity. Runout Controls: circular runout and total runout. Profile Control: profile of a line and profile of a surface.
  • Techniques for Design Optimization: The Mathematical Programming Problem; Global & Local Solutions; One Dimensional Linear Search Techniques; Golden Search Technique, & Fibonacci Series. Multidimensional Search Technique; Problem Analysis & Empiric Parameter Reduction; Variance Analysis as an Aid to Problem Solving.


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