TE-505 Advanced Statistics


Credit Hours = 3


  • Probability Distributions & Transformation of Variables: Uniform, Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson, Normal, Exponentional, Chi-square, F & T-distributions: Random sampling: Sampling distribution of mean; Central limit theorem.
  • Statistical Inference & Hypothesis Testing: Confidence & significance level; Sample size determination; Point & interval estimates; Interval estimates for population mean, population standard deviation, & population proportion. Type I, & type II errors; One tail & two tail tests; Tests concerning means & variances.
  • Linear & Multiple Linear Regression & Correlation: Simple linear regression; Properties of least square estimates; Confidence limits & tests of significance; Choice of a regression model; Correlation. Estimating the coefficients; Adequacy of the model.
  • Analysis of Variance: One way classification; Tests for the equality of several variances; Single degree of freedom comparisons; Multiple range test; Comparing treatment with a control; Comparing a set of treatments in blocks; Randomized complete block design; Random effects model.
  • Factorial Experiments: Two-factor experiments; Interaction in two-factor experiments; Twofactor analysis of variance; Three-factor analysis; Choice of sample size.
  • 2k Factorial Experiments: Yate's technique for computing contrasts; Factorial experiments in incomplete blocks; Fractional factorial experiments; Analysis of fractional factorial experiments.


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