ME-543 Combustion Engineering


Credit Hours = 3


  • Principles of Combustion: Thermochemistry, equilibrium, chemical kinetics, flame temperature, flame velocity, flame stability, diffusion flames, spray combustion, detonation, equations of motion including reaction, heat and diffusion.
  • Application of Combustion: Discussion of combustion problem including pollution fire explosion hazards furnace combustion chambers combusters for reciprocating engineers jets and rockets.
  • Boiler: Modular sectional and condensing types, burners for fuel, gases liquid and solid fuels and part load characteristics, safety supply, storage, solid fuel storage, mechanical handling, automatic stockers and ash disposals. Fuels and chimney natural and forced draught operation with and without acid condensation. Flue dilution systems, gas analysis for efficiency and pollution monitoring. Control application and feed back the theory to produce practical systems for plant and zone / emitter output controls on off. Step and analogue controls, centralized systems and modern computer control using optimization, self adaptive and self tuning conditions and energy monitoring. Standard, legal aspects, codes of practice for design, installation, operation, insurance and safety.
  • Environmental Issues: Flue emissions, CO, CO2 , NOX , particulates and combustible emissions, acid rains, asbestos removal.


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