ME-524 Reliability & Quality Engineering


Credit Hours = 3


  • Reliability Measures: The reliability Function; Expected Life; Failure Rate and Hazard Function; Reliability and Hazard Function for well known Distributions such as Exponentional; Normal, Log Normal, Weibull, and Gamma Distributions; Hazard Models and Product Life; Constant Hazard Function, Linearly Increasing Hazard Function, Piecewise Linear Bathtub Hazard Function, Power Function Model, Exponential Model.
  • Static Reliability Model: Series System, Parallel System, Series & Parallel Combinations, Complex System Analysis, Reliability Considerations in Design.
  • Reliability Engineering Design: Reliability Design Methodology, Strength and Stress Distributions, Safety Factors and Reliability, Reliability Bounds in Probablistic Design. Transformation of Random Variables. Sums and Differences of Normal Random Variables, Error Analysis, Statistical Tolerancing.
  • Interference Theory and Reliability Computations: General Expression for Reliability; Reliability Computations for Normally, Log Normally, Exponentionally, Gamma and Weibully Distributed Stress and Strength; Reliability Design Examples.
  • Reliability in Design and Testing: Dynamic Reliability Models, Reliability Estimation, Sequential Life Testing, Bayesian Reliability in Design and Testing, Reliability Optimization.
  • Control Charts: Properties of the distribution of sample means, sample range estimation of standard deviation, chance and assignable causes, control charts for mean & range, control charts for mean & standard deviation, control charts for proportion defective & defects per assembly. Tests of significance to compute confidence limits.
  • Acceptance Sampling: Introduction, OC curve, consumer & producer risks, AQL & LTPD, acceptance sampling for continuous production, acceptance by variables, single, double, & sequential sampling. Quality, Reliability, & Maintainability: Definitions, management of quality control, economic aspects of quality decisions, capability & variability analysis, various aspects of life testing, reliability, & maintainability, Introduction to ISO 9000, and ISO 14000.


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