ME 521 Automation & Controls


Credit Hours = 3


  • Production Operations & Automation Strategies: Automation defined; Types of automation; Reasons for automation; Manufacturing industries; Types of production; Functions in manufacturing; Organization & information processing in manufacturing; Plant layout; Production concepts & mathematical models; Automation strategies. Automotive Type Automation: Automated flow lines; Methods of workpart transport; Transfer mechanism; Buffer storage; Control functions; Automation for machining operations; Design & fabrication considerations; General terminology & analysis; Analysis of transfer lines without storage; Partial automation; Automated flow lines with storage buffers; Computer simulation of automated flow lines.
  • Assembly Systems & Line Balancing: The assembly process; Assembly systems; Manual assembly lines; The line balancing problem; Methods of line balancing; Computerized line balancing methods; Flexible manual assembly lines; Types of automated assembly systems; Parts feeding devices; Analysis of multi-station assembly machines; Analysis of a single station assembly machine.
  • Computer Assisted Optimal Control: Structural model of a Manufacturing process; Steady state optimal control; Adaptive control; On-line search strategies.
  • Computer Process Control: The computer-process interface; Interface hardware; Computer process monitoring; Types of computer process control; Direct digital control; Supervisory computer control; Programming for computer process control.


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