ME-512 Fracture Mechanics


Credit Hours = 3


  • Fatigue & Fracture: Cyclic stresses, minimum and maximum stresses, and stress ratio. Soderberg and Goodman Criteria. Fatigue at high temperature. Ductile and brittle fracture in steel. Crack initiation, crack growth, crack propagation. Crack propagation laws. Griffith Theory of fracture , stable and unstable crack propagation. Crack nucleation and effect of notch size on crack propagation.
  • Fracture Behavior of Metallic Materials: Temper embattlement of 9% Cr steels. Flack graphite cast iron. Fracture Behavior of pearlitic steels. Fracture resistance of high alloy tool steels. Advanced welding design. Power sources plates, stability, plastic design, under sea water welding, laser welding.
  • Non Destructive Testing: Ultrasonic eddy current, acoustic emission, interflowmative holography.
  • Dislocation theory and applications: Elastic theory, types, sources, motion, interaction of dislocations. Stress fields and stress energies, partial dislocations and stacking faults, principle of work hardening. Dislocations mechanism.
  • Alternate and alternately activated flow, deformation mechanism. Stress theory process, solid solution and dispersion hardening effect of impurity colours ordering phenomena, diffusion controlled process.


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