ME 511 Material Science


Credit Hours = 3


  • Polymeric Material: High performance fibre, high performance elastomers, high performance coatings, special polymers, moderately high polymers, engineering polymers. Materials development and modification, multilayer and adhesive technology will also be part of this course. Physical and chemical testing of polymers.
  • Fundamentals of polymers: Molecular structure, polymerization processes, morphology of polymer molecules, plasticisers and fillers. Composition and characteristics of principal types of polymers, convention constant rate of elongation test, creep tests, isochronous curves and other forms of data presentation, strain recovery and stress relaxation, anisotropy of properties timedependence of strength and creep rupture, durability under cyclic loading BS impact tests.
  • Fracture of Polymers: Fundamentals of fracture mechanics, Application of fracture mechanics to polymers, KC determinations KC crack speed curves instability, environmental effects impact testing, application to practical problems.
  • Composites: Composite materials compared with conventional materials, fibre and matrices, composite mechanics, elastic properties, failure processes, failure at notches, notch sensitivity and fracture energy. Fatigue and failure of composite materials. Deterioration of properties owing to environmental conditions, hybrid composite materials, manufacturing the by hand layup, preparing specimen for mechanical testing, Burn off tests to determine fibre volume fracture.
  • Categories of composites. Properties of glass and other fibers. Matrix materials Composites as monotropic membranes. Mathematical models of stiffness of composites based on mechanics of materials and energy considerations. Elasticity of anisotropic materials. Strength of composites. Outline of methods of manufacturing composites and of their applications.


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