ME-506 Acoustics


Credit Hours = 3


  • Fundamentals of Acoustics: Basic law of acoustics, sound power, sound pressure level (SPL) direct radiation, reflection coincidence frequency transmission loss. Units for SPL and for loudness, effect of exposure time. Leg methods of measurement. Range of perception of the human ear, permissible levels, legislation, infra-sound. Noise sources and reduction of noise at source, design and performance evaluation of the mass law, silencers, active noise control (anti-noise).
  • Analysis of Noise Sources and Vibrations: Lagrange equations, wire, rod, beam, plate vibrations, response of continuous elastic bodies to arbitrary force systems, numerical solutions, nonlinear vibrations. Random and nonlinear vibrations, random motion, response of random excitation. Cumulative fatigue failure, self excited vibration, nonlinear singe degree distributed systems. The dynamic of foundations. Coupled modes of vibrations.
  • Energy Dissipation and Noise Control: Energy dissipation in structures, analytical modes of different damping systems. Theory and application of acoustical principles of generation, transmission, measurement and controlled of sound and aircraft, appliances, machines and buildings.


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