ME-504 Finite Element Analysis


Credit Hours = 3


  • FEA of One-dimensional Problems: Introduction: Basic Steps in FEA; Modelling, Discretization, Connectivity of Elements, Imposition of Boundary Conditions, Solutions & Post Processing; Applications to Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, & solid Mechanics Problems.
  • Bending of Beams: Euler-Bernoulli Beam Element, Governing Equations, Application of FE on Beam, Beam Examples, Plane Truss Element, Frame Element, Timoshenko Beam & Frame Element, Inclusion of Constraint Equations.
  • Finite Element Error Analysis: Approximation Errors, Various Measures of Errors, Convergence of Solutions, Accuracy of Solutions.
  • Numerical Integration & Computer Implementation: Isoparameteric Formulations, Numerical Integrations, Natural Coordinates, Computer Implementation (Pre-processor, Processor, Postprocessor).
  • FEA of Two-dimensional Problems: Introduction; Single Variable Problems; Boundary Value Problems; Model Equations, Discretization, Weak Form, Finite Element Model, Assembly, Solutions & post processing; Mesh Generation; Imposition of Boundary Conditions; Applications; Parabolic Equations; Hyperbolic Equations.
  • Interpolating Functions, Numerical Integration & Modelling Considerations: Interpolating Techniques; Triangular, Rectangular, & Serendipity Elements; Coordinate Transformation; Integration on a Master Element; Modelling, Mesh Generation, Load Representation.
  • Plane Elasticity: Assumptions of Plane Elasticity; Basic Equations, Weak Formulations; Principle of Virtual Displacement in Matrix Form; Finite Element Model, Matrix & Weak Form Model; Evaluation of Integrals.
  • Bending of Elastic Plates: Classical Plate Model; Finite Element Model; Shear Deformable Plate Model; Displacement field, Virtual Work Statement; Shear Locking & Reduced Integration; Introduction to Time Dependent Problems; Computer Illustrative Examples.


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