ME-502 Advanced Stress Analysis


Credit Hours = 3


  • Introduction: Analysis of stress and strain, Review of relation for various types of stresses, Equations of equilibrium, Boundary conditions and Principal stresses. Generalized Hook’s law, boundary value problems of Linear Elasticity.
  • Elasticity applications: Thick tube, Stress concentration due to a Circular Hole in a stress plate, Concentrated load acting on the vortex of a Wedge and Concentrated Force acting on the Free Surface of a Plate.
  • Elastic-plastic Structures: The occurrence of fracture and the Inadequacies of conventional design concepts. Types of fractures that occur under uniaxial tensile loading. The physical significance of fracture toughness. The role of dislocations in plastic deformation of single and polycrystalline materials.
  • Contact / Thermal Stresses: Application of Contact Stresses to mating of gear teeth, shaft in a bearing and ball and rollers in bearings. Thermal stresses and thermal strains; applications to turbines and pipes carrying hot fluids.
  • Viscoelasticity Analysis: Types of time dependence superposition, Boltzmann’s integral, Differential from, in phase and out of phase components. Laplace transforms and relationship between viscoelastic parameters. Model materials Maxwell Voigt and standard linear solid.


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