MED strives to attain an ideal balance between theoretical instruction and practical exposure to mechanical engineering with the help of qualified faculty and several well-equipped laboratories. We aspire to offer an education that develops a firm foundation in mechanical engineering but allows the students to pursue their career goals in diverse fields.
Our flagship B.E. program is the starting point for careers in several disciplines. With an enrolment of over 800 students, this is one of the oldest and most valued mechanical engineering programs in the country. Well-established links with the industry allow two internship opportunities to most of the students in their third year of studies. In the final-year design project, students carry out detailed study and research into a particular problem and design a suitable solution, under the guidance of academic and industrial professionals. B.E. graduates from MED find employment opportunities in the industry throughout Pakistan and overseas. Alternatively, many opt to continue further studies in marine, automotive, industrial & manufacturing or any of several other specializations of mechanical engineering.